Oreo announces limited edition Snickerdoodle cookies via cryptic tweets

Oreo Snickerdoodle Sandwich Cookie (Oreo)

Oreo officially announced its limited edition Snickerdoodle Sandwich Cookies Wednesday, but apparently the cookie brand has been dropping hints about its newest flavor since last week — at least that’s according to their Twitter account.  

"Want to know the next OREO Cookie flavor? Read the first word of our last 8 tweets," the company said in a Sept. 28 tweet.  

Beginning on Sept. 23 through Sept. 28, the first word of every tweet from Oreo would eventually come out to read: "Our next Oreo cookie flavor is snickerdoodle."


Oreo’s cryptic tweets announcing snickerdoodle-flavored cookie. (Oreo)

The new holiday flavor will hit store shelves beginning Oct. 17, according to a company spokesperson. 

"The cookies feature a snickerdoodle flavored base cake and cinnamon flavor creme with green and red sugar crystals. The limited-edition holiday cookie will be available nationwide, while supplies last," the company added. 

In other Oreo news, the popular sandwich cookie company also brought back its pumpkin spice-flavored cookies just in time for fall. 

And just like its snickerdoodle counterpart, the pumpkin spice cookie is only around for a limited time while supplies last. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.