Orange deputies will soon carry heroin antidote Naloxone

Orange County deputies say they will soon have a new way to combat drug overdoses.  "We want to make sure we can eliminate it if we can," said Captain Angelo Nieves, 

Nieves says deputies continue to fight the war on drugs, as residents continue to overdose. "We're seeing fluctuations. We're seeing it come up, it will go down again and come back up and we're seeing a little bit of a rise."

"Don't do no drugs, you not get anything good," says Alex Ferrell who almost died after overdosing three years ago. "I did a lot of cocaine and oxycotin, and I pass out and my daughter saw me through the window and they called the ambulance and that's the last thing I remember."

According to the Orange County Sheriff's Office, there have been 188 overdoses this year out of that 30 people died.  While some involved cocaine, meth and prescription drugs, 10 of those deaths were from Heroin.  Nieves says, "They're using different cuts in it. We're also seeing that fentanyal is being used in the use of cutting agent into the heroin out on the street."

But soon, deputies will have a way to prevent overdoses, with Naloxone.  "If they see the symptoms that are appropriate for the administration or to administer the Naloxone, they'll do so."

Deputies arrested 250 people involved in overdoses this year. But they're asking for your help in cracking down on this problem. "We're asking the community to be aware. All it takes is make that 911 call."

Ferrell says it could save a life. "They shouldn't do it because drugs no good for you. I understand that after many years. It's no good for you. I don't even drink anymore."

Deputies say they should get the delivery of Naloxone within the next two weeks.