Orange County's election website goes down as early voting begins

Orange County confirmed to FOX 35 on Monday morning that their Supervisor of Elections website,, is unavailable. 

"We have encountered a technical issue with our DNS server which translates the IP address to the domain name," a county official said. "Our web site is still up and running and can be reached by using the IP address and not the domain name."

They said that you can access the website by visiting instead.

However, when you enter the IP address, you must click on ‘advanced’ or ‘more information’ and then ‘go to the web page’. There will be a warning because of the issue with the DNS server but county officials say the site is secure and safe.

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They also said that the site has not been hacked and that there has not been any security breach. They said that it is a technical issue, which they are working to resolve. 

FOX 35 spoke with voters who came to cast their ballots in person on the first day of early voting. They told us they did not realize the site was down.

“I don’t want to track anything," one voter told FOX 35. "I don’t trust websites. I don’t even trust mailing the ballot. I just want to walk inside, like I said, and just cast my ballot.”

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