Orange County woman says sting by puss caterpillar is worst pain 'next to childbirth'

An Orange County woman says she experienced excruciating pain after she accidentally touched a poisonous caterpillar.

It happened in Winter Park over the weekend. Angelica Felix, a pool technician, was working in someone’s backyard when she set her hand on the ground.

“It got me right, dead center. It was like… I felt hot. Like something hot. I moved my hand back,” Felix said.

She says she continued to work, but her hand kept burning. Then, it started to swell.

The toxic culprit had blended in with the acorns on the pavers. Felix says she notified the homeowners.

“She looked it up on the internet. It’s some... puss caterpillar is what it’s called. The most venomous in the U.S.!”

Felix says after several more Google searches, she decided to just wait out the pain.

“It felt like the pain was jumping from one area… I just don’t wish it on nobody. It was the worst,” Feliz said.

She says after childbirth, it's the most pain she's ever experienced.

Reporter Danielle Lama: "Was it the worst pain?"

Felix: "Next to childbirth, yes, yes."

She wants to warn other people that you should avoid the furry things at all costs. Even a quick touch can cause a lot of pain.

“Don’t touch it. Don’t touch it. Don’t touch it. Don’t touch it. It’s horrible,” she said.