Orange County to crack down on red light runners

Thousands of drivers are running red lights in orange county, but only some get tickets. Now, county leaders are trying to fix that.

Orange County Comptroller Phil Diamond says tickets for running red lights have been getting dismissed for different reasons or just because the officer reviewing the traffic camera video can't tell the model of the vehicle. Diamond says right now the officer relies on verbal criteria, which leaves ticketing the driver open to interpretation.

"What you have is basically some people who are some people that ended up having to pay tickets, and you had some that ran red lights that didn't have to pay," he explains.  "We think there should be written criteria so that everyone is looking at the same set of rules, and that everyone gets treated exactly the same."

The written criteria still must be created, but the Orange County Sheriff's Office and the public works department say they are on board. Officials say if you run a red light there should be no question whether or not you should get a ticket.

"They produce pretty clear video, and you can see pretty clearly whether a car is in the intersection or not. I think that's really the question, did they run a red light or not," says Diamond.

Diamond says as long as the license plate number can be read, officers should have no problem sending you your ticket.

"If you've got the number, I think you would have the info you need at least if you compared it to the Florida database."