Orange County precinct reports over 100 percent voter turnout

A precinct near the University of Central Florida (UCF) in Orange County reported a 107 percent voter turnout.

FOX 35 asked the Orange County Supervisor of Elections to explain why this happened. He said that it all has to do with voters moving into the precinct.

“I feel like they didn’t expect this many people on campus due to everything going on, so obviously a lot of people ended up returning even with COVID and everything,” UCF student Trinity Torres told FOX 35. 

The Supervisor of Elections said the number of people registered to vote at a particular precinct is determined on the last day of voter registration. This year that was October 6th. Since there is no deadline for address switches, Florida voters who moved into that precinct after October 6th were able to update their address when they voted.

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On October 6th, there were 754 voters registered at Precinct 538 near UCF, but after the final count, 811 voters cast their ballots there.

UCF voters are not surprised by the huge turnout. Student Rachel Rosales said “I feel like a lot of people on campus are really educated and they understand this is an important election."

The Orange County Supervisor of Elections said this is not something that’s out of the ordinary. He said this could happen at any precinct.

Futher explanation from the Orange County Supervisor of Elections here:

"Precinct 538 (UCF) is showing over 100% turnout because turnout percentages are based on the number of registered voters in that precinct by “book closing,” AKA the registration deadline, which this year was extended to 7 p.m. Oct. 6th. By that deadline, there were 754 registered voters in precinct 538. However, in Florida there is no deadline for address updates. So, several voters updated their address before voting, and those address updates put them in precinct 538, AKA “move-ins.” When those move-ins voted, in addition to the people who already voted who were among the 754 registered there by Oct. 6th, the number of voters exceeded the book closing number, causing the percentage turnout to be over 100%."

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