Orange County sheriff holds news conference about proposed gun shop theft bill

Orange County Sheriff John Mina held a news conference on Monday morning to discuss a bill that would place more regulations on gun shop owners.

Sheriff Mina says he wants there to be more regulations for gun shop owners.

He's teamed up with two local lawmakers, including Florida House Representative Joy Goff-Marcil, to try to make a new law.

"Right now, there is no law that requires gun store owners to lock their weapons away at night and there has been a serious problem where criminals have been stealing the guns out of the stores in Orange County and across the state,” Rep. Joy Goff-Marcil said.

Goff-Marcil will join Sheriff Mina at the news conference, which would address a bill that would require gun shop owners to secure their guns overnight using a steel rod, cable or safe.

"It's a metal cord that they can stick through the trigger mechanism and it's not that expensive,” Goff-Marcil said. “It's the same thing you would do to secure your lawn furniture or your bike so it doesn't get stolen."

Some local gun shop owners who spoke with FOX 35 News agree with the idea, including the general manager of Volusia Top Gun.

“I think it's kind of common sense if you run a gun store that you need to secure your firearms at night,” Volusia Top Gun General Manager Paul Jabaly said. “No one robs a gun store during the day, but it's a fantastic target at 3 a.m."

His store secures its weapons with garage doors that are password protected.

The store also has a safe.

"So, if it's not in the vault, it's in the showroom, but both things get secured every night,” Jabaly said.

 Rep. Goff-Marcil said many gun shop owners already do secure their guns.

She said the goal is to make a law that sets a standard for everyone.

"It is a very common-sense bill,” Goff-Marcil said. “It is not trying to take guns away from legal, responsible gun owners. It's just trying to take guns away from criminals."