Orange County residents worried about flooding as Tropical Storm Ian heads toward Florida

Residents in Orange County are feeling anxious about Ian after the massive flooding they experienced during Hurricane Irma.

The Orlovista neighborhood in Orange County had massive flooding from Hurricane Irma back in 2017. As they get prepared for Ian, many are feeling concerned and worried, especially thinking back to when floodwaters were in their homes, and they had to be rescued. 

"When I got out there, it was up to my chest," said Dianne Scott who was in Orlovista during Hurricane Irma. "My neighbor called me saying you better get out there so it’s really scary now. The firetruck came and got us and out of here, we literally would have drowned."

As of Sunday night, the National Hurricane Center reported that Ian has an uncertain path right now. If it does track closer to Orange County some models suggest two feet of rain could fall which would cause massive flooding. However, the official track Sunday night keeps Ian well West of Orlando which would still bring several inches of rain. But, considering all the rain the area has seen this month, even several inches in a short time could still cause flooding. 

Many people were collecting sandbags at Barnett Park Sunday as they prepare for Ian's landfall. 

"We got hit with Hurricane Irma few years ago, knocked out our power for two weeks, so we’re trying to get ready now, so we are more prepared," said Marlena Carrington who is preparing for Ian.

Many are just preparing, praying and hoping for the best. 

"That’s all we can do, go with the punches. I thank God we survived Irma," said Scott. "And I pray to God we survive Ian."