Orange County parents to get survey on upcoming school year

Orange County Public Schools will be asking parents to weigh in on the upcoming 2020-2021 school year.

On Tuesday night, parents will receive a phone call survey asking them to choose one of the following options:

  • You are unsure at this time
  • You prefer your child return to traditional face-to-face school with health and safety rules in place
  • You prefer your child resume distance learning
  • You prefer your child to have a blended approach of the traditional face-to-face school and distance learning

Parent Crystal Elmore has a daughter going into fourth grade. She said she’d prefer the blended approach.

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“I’d probably do both maybe. Maybe in the beginning, just from home, and then go to both until see how everything plays out,” she said.

Parent Helen Nguyen also has a child in the fourth grade and said she’s counting down the days until students can return, adding that juggling work and homeschooling has been a challenge.

“Of course, I feel happy when my son comes back,” she said.

Elmore said any face-to-face instruction would have to keep safety top of mind.

“Definitely making sure everything was clean and hands were cleaned, maybe even if they have to wear masks and all that,” she said. 

School leaders said the purpose of the survey is to get a feel for what parents prefer, but they acknowledge that direction would be coming from the state on the reopening of schools.