Orange County mayor consider changing gun laws

Orange County is standing up against the state, as Mayor Teresa Jacobs is proposing changing the county's gun rules. But if she does, she will face some pretty harsh penalties.

Fox 35 reporter Dana Jay got her hands on a memo Thursday morning. In the memo, Mayor Teresa Jacobs said that in the wake of the Stoneman Douglas Shooting in February, it is time to revisit the county's gun rules.

Teresa, in the memo, also asked the county attorney to draft an ordinance to reinstate Orange County's three-day waiting period on firearm purchases. This was repealed in 2011 when the state put a law in place that fined local lawmakers who passed firearm rules and it allows the Governor to remove them from office for doing os.

However, some say that a 1998 amendment to the Florida Constitution preempts that 2011 law. So, according to the Tallahassee Democrat Newspaper, the Leon County Commission recently reinstated their firearm waiting period under that assumption.

A meeting on this hearing with be held around May 8th.

In the memo, Teresa also says that Orange County is considering joining a lawsuit against the state over that 2011 law.