OIA board bans pot despite approval by voters

People with prescriptions can legally smoke pot in the Sunshine State. But Orlando airport bosses say the only thing getting high at Orlando international are the airplanes.

According to federal law, pot is still an illegal drug, and airports are under federal jurisdiction. The airport's lawyer says no “mary jane” at MCO, or they could lose government money.

“If the Federal Government comes to make a determination of whether the airport is following Federal laws and regulations, we can say here's our policy, we're following Federal law,” Marcos Marchena, general counsel for the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority, explained.

The new rule states that security will seize any pot on the property and the person carrying it will face criminal charges. The ruling applies to both Orlando International and Orlando Executive airports.

But the attorney says airport staff aren't the ones who'll be making arrests - that's up to the feds. “We are not a law enforcement agency, we're not walking around trying to look in anyone's pocket,” Marchena said.

The airport will post notices online and throughout the airport letting everyone know about the policy and the consequences for violating it.