OIA baggage handlers arrested

When you check your bags to fly out of Orlando International Airport, you assume your property inside that luggage will be safe.  But the Orlando Police Department tells us two men who were working as baggage handlers at OIA are charged with stealing a computer out of luggage to sell it for cold cash.

Airport travelers think about getting to gates or destinations, not whether or not baggage handlers stole valuables from checked bags.  Megan Mycek just flew into Orlando and was concerned to hear about the arrests.  She said, "It's pretty frightening actually, to know that my stuff isn't being safe."

Orlando Police arrested two baggage handlers who were working at OIA.  Alejandro DeLeon, 37, and Daniel Diaz, 22, are charged with grand theft and dealing in stolen property.  An Orlando police report says TSA reviewed a surveillance video after an Orlando woman reported her lap top stolen out of her checked luggage.  The report says the videotape appears to show DeLeon and Diaz working together to steal a lap top from a checked bag. 

According to the report, "DeLeon admitted to stealing and assisting Diaz removing the MacBook Pro from OIA property."  The report also states, "DeLeon admitted to other thefts from the baggage area, and to selling them to associates of  Diaz."    DeLeon told detectives he would receive 25 percent of the sale of the laptop.  

Travelers like Neal Haines want to see security improvements in areas away from travelers.  He said, "I think there's a failsafe that's missing in that whole process."

DeLeon and Diaz worked for Bags Inc.  The company has a contract to move luggage at OIA.  A company spokeswoman told FOX 35, "Both employees were fired immediately.  Honesty and integrity are the core of our company. That behavior will not be tolerated."

Some passengers are leery after learning about the allegations.  Mycek said, "I don't like that at all. That doesn't make me want to fly, especially because there are valuables in there when you travel."

An airport spokeswoman told FOX 35 they stress the security of people and items, and they work closely with police to reduce any kind of illegal activity.  A TSA spokeswoman tells FOX 35 News the agency cannot release the video tape police say shows parts of the crime in progress, because there is an ongoing police investigation.