Officials: Orlando airport's reserve fuel supply lower than normal after weather in Gulf Coast delays supply

Orlando International Airport officials said their reserve fuel supply is lower than normal, and airline pilots flying in are being asked to top off their tanks before heading to MCO. Delta Airlines has also posted an advisory telling passengers that ongoing fuel supply disruptions may impact travel to and from Orlando over the next two days. 

"We had about 10,000lb of extra fuel, and it made me wonder why, said a commercial pilot who didn't want to be identified because of his job. "I sent a message to dispatch and said hey, is this a mistake? They said there was a fuel shortage for the next 5-7 days in Florida airports."

Airport officials said bad weather on the Gulf Coast delayed tanker ships that normally help supply fuel to the airport. An airport spokesperson, though, said the supplies are moving. 

They said international flights may also have to make refueling stops on their way to or from the airport, while this is happening. 

"We tankered-in fuel, which costs a lot more money because you're heavier, so you're burning more. And you're bringing expensive gas to a cheap area," said the commercial pilot. 

At this time, airport officials said they're watching the situation and will adjust their operations as necessary.