Officers, citizens honored by Orlando Police

It’s not an emotion many people are familiar with, but Orlando Police Officer Edward Mazur can tell you a thing or two about how it feels to save a life.  “It is a great feeling, in my 16 years it’s probably one of the best feelings I’ve ever had,” Officer Mazur said, “To truly make a difference, to know that you actually saved someone’s life, it’s a pretty cool feeling.”

When a father who was at Universal with his family had a heart attack and collapsed, Officer Mazur was one of the first to respond, telling FOX 35, “I assisted with chest compressions and CPR, the fire department showed up, transported him and he made it.”  Officer Mazur is one of dozens of officers honored Wednesday at the Orlando Police Department who can boast that same sense of accomplishment.

Many who don’t wear the uniform were also given awards for showing extraordinary quick thinking and compassion when helping others.  Aungria Hooks received the “Good Citizenship Award” presented by Police Chief John Mina. “I felt good that the good deed was recognized,” Hooks said afterwards.

When Hooks saw two teens running off with an elderly woman's purse at the supermarket, she knew she had to help.  “She asked me if I could stop them,” Hooks remembered, “I got in my truck and I chased them down and I stopped them, not knowing what was going on, all I knew is she needed help, and that’s what I did.”

She drove her car toward the robbers, cornering them, demanding the purse back and helping land both teens behind bars.  “It had to be done. And I was going to go to the extreme to make sure it was done,” Hooks added.