Ocoee police find 2-year-old in backseat of stolen car

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Ocoee police officers say a mom was in the process of strapping her baby into the backseat of her car, when a stranger carjacked her.

Even though she told him her baby was in the car, police say he still took off.  Not long after,  two-year-old Nasir Strong, was wide-eyed as he was see clutching his Elmo doll while in police custody.  He's now back in the arms of his grateful parents, after the most terrifying day of their lives.

It was just before 11 a.m. on Friday, when officers say a stranger carjacked a white Oldsmobile at Good Holmes Plaza.  Nasir was strapped in the car seat in the back  His frantic mother stood right next to the car as she tried to take on  the attacker

"She fought with him, but despite her best efforts the subject was able to get away with the car with her two-year old in the back seat," said Deputy Chief Saima Plasencia of the Ocoee Police Department.

The entire family simply panicked.

"I didn't talk to my daughter, because she was hysterical," said Nasir's grandmother, Betty Ferguson. "I couldn't get any words out of her."

Ocoee police officers put out a frantic tweet to be on the lookout for the car with the baby inside, and then an hour later, Orange County sheriff's deputies tracked down the car, just two miles away.

The suspect, 26-year-old Jemoy Gordon was quickly handcuffed as little Nasir sat inside unharmed.

"The deputy was staged monitoring traffic with the hopes they might see this car, and he was at the right place at the right time," Plasencia said. 

This family is grateful for the officers, and that they're all home together as a family.

 "Just crying so happy he's alive," Ferguson added. "Every second counts and they got him before anything was able to happen to my grandson."