Not going to Daytona 500? Here are the roads to avoid for the Great American Race

Race day is here! NASCAR racers are waiting for the checkered flags to fly at the 65th annual Daytona 500, and it is bound to be lots of traffic surrounding the track!

For residents not attending the Great American Race, it is best to avoid the roads around the Daytona International Speedway, if you can. 

The roads to watch out for: 

  • International Speedway Boulevard
  • Williamson Boulevard
  • Midway Avenue
  • Bill France Boulevard
  • Fentress Boulevard
  • Richard Petty Boulevard

Instead, here are some alternate local roads to take should you need to travel near the venue:

  • Beville Road and Ridgewood Avenue (US 1)
  • Mason Avenue

If' you're planning to travel north or south, instead of Interstate 95 or Williamson Boulevard, take Atlantic Avenue (State Road A1A), Nova Road (State Road 5A) or Ridgewood Avenue (US 1).

Daytona Beach police will have additional law enforcement officers present to assist in managing increased traffic and ensuring public safety.