North Texas teen recruits Troy Aikman to help ask out homecoming date

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A North Texas teen recruited a Hall of Famer and Cowboys legend to help invite his crush to the homecoming dance.

Jack Corrigan, a sophomore at Cistercian College Prep, sent his intended date flash cards featuring famous Dallas Cowboys. He told her to study facts about each one and the reason would be revealed by the end of the week.

Later in the week, the girl -- Cayli Lucia -- was called into the office at her school Ursuline Academy. To her surprise, former Dallas Cowboys QB Troy Aikman was there with a banner - helping Jack pop the question.

"I opened the door and here he is with this giant flag of a poster asking me to homecoming and of course I was excited I already couldn't speak and then I turned slightly to my left - there's Troy Aikman! Oh my gosh I lost it,” Cayli said.

Cayli called the invite "super special" and of course she said yes. The dance is next Saturday.

At first, Jack was concerned Cayli wouldn't know who Aikman was. That's why he sent the notes and photos for her to study. Cayli's mom said she most likely would have recognized Aikman from his Wing Stop commercials.