North Branch community helps student after poop found in backpack

A high school freshman in North Branch, Minnesota made an alarming discovery Thursday morning. Now, community members are offering to help.

Police were called to investigate after a student found human poop in his backpack at North Branch High School. The incident happened in the locker room after gym class.

“I opened up my backpack and I saw that someone defecated in my backpack,” Landon Weiskopf said.

His backpack was among dozens left in the locker room during first period. Several students reported personal belongings and cash stolen, but Weiskopf’s was the only student left with a urine-soaked backpack filled with feces.

“I screamed a little and then I ran out to go wash my hands because it was nasty; I didn’t want to touch that,” he said.

The bag and everything inside were a total loss.

“[It had] homework, folders, my Chromebook - which was issued by the school - flash drive, calculator…basically everything I had, so that’s all gone,” he said. 

New to the district, Landon’s mother Robin Hetchler initially suspected that her son was targeted. Now, she believes he was a random victim.

“To have somebody do something so disrespectful and abhorrent to someone who is such a great kid, it broke my heart,” she said.

However, the script got flipped on this story when an act so horrendous ended up with community support pouring in.

“A lot of people told me they’re so sorry. They’ve helped me out, they’ve given me a lot of support,” Weiskopf said.

“We hope that that encourages kids who are being bullied to know that they’ll get the same type of arms wrapped around them from the community,” Hetchler added.

For now, school leaders have not identified a suspect for the repulsive act.

“If they do catch the person, the person needs help,” Weiskopf said.