No, California's governor has not gotten a haircut

Gov. Gavin Newsom answered a question Wednesday that many aesthetically minded Californians have wondered over their quarantined dinner tables and as they brush their own long-ish locks.

"I think it should be pretty obvious to you, I have not had a haircut," he told Carla Marinucci of Politico, who asked the question that has been on many minds. "I'm a little embarrassed having this conversation as publicly as I am having. So, the answer is no."

He said that his daughter, Brooklynn, had offered because she thought her Dad's 'do could use a little help.

But he politely declined.

Her tool of choice? Craft scissors.

Her age? 6. 

Newsom is well-known for his head of "gel-swept locks," as described in a 2005 article in the San Francisco Chronicle, when he was mayor of The City.

At the time, Edgardo Chacon of Union Square's Kamalaspa, was Newsom's stylist.

Chacon said he had been cutting Newsom's hair since he was 26 and referred by one of Chacon's clients. Newsom "has always liked a very classic look," Chacon told the newspaper.

It wasn't immediately clear who Newsom's current stylist is under non-quarantine circumstances.

Newsom said he and his family are staying at home and "practicing what they preach."

The governor did admit he'd like a night out, but like the rest of the state, he must remain patient and adhere to shelter-in-place orders to flatten the curve of coronavirus.

Newsom said he'd allow some retail to open as early as Friday.

But in terms of giving the green light to hair salons and gyms, Newsom said those industry-reopenings are further down the road, although there have been several that have defied orders and reopened anyway.

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