New video shows interrogation of Susan Lorincz after allegedly shooting, killing neighbor

New video footage has emerged showing the interrogation of Susan Lorincz, the Florida woman accused of shooting and killing her neighbor, A.J. Owens, last year.

Lorincz was arrested in Marion County after allegedly killing Owens, a mother of four, during a confrontation. The incident occurred when Owens knocked on Lorincz's door to address a dispute involving her children.

In the video, detectives are seen questioning Lorincz about the events leading up to the shooting. Lorincz claimed she felt threatened by Owens' aggressive knocking and feared for her life.

"There was banging, there was yelling. I thought she was going to break down the door. I mean, I just, my heart was pounding, and I thought she was really going to kill me," Lorincz said during the interrogation.

Deputies reported that Lorincz shot Owens through the door after Owens confronted her about taking her child's tablet and using derogatory language toward them.

The interrogation took place a few days after the fatal incident on June 2, 2023. Detectives informed Lorincz that they had spoken to several witnesses by that time.


When asked if she still felt Owens could have broken through the door, Lorincz responded, "Yes, I still feel that fear. I just still feel she was coming at me. I'm sorry, that's what I feel. It's been playing in my head over and over again, and I just keep thinking how terrified I was."

Lorincz insisted that her goal was not to kill Owens but to scare her off. 

"To shoot, and hopefully, she’d hear the shot and dissipate," she explained.

Lorincz is now charged with manslaughter. Detectives asked her if she would change her actions if given the chance.

"Would you take it back and wait however long it took for police to get there?" the detective asked. "Do you feel you did something wrong here?" 

"I felt I had to. I honest to God felt she was going to kill me. I felt that terror," Lorincz replied.

Investigators noted that Lorincz had made dozens of 911 calls in the past regarding her neighbor. These calls are expected to be used as evidence in her trial, which will begin on June 24.