New theater under construction in Downtown Orlando

The noise of all the construction was music to Katherine Ramsberger's ears. It won't be long before all the wood, concrete, and steel becomes Steinmetz Hall - Orlando’s premier music venue.

“This building is completely isolated on the ground, on the walls, and up above, to isolate all vibration,” said Ramsberger, the Doctor Phillips Center’s president & CEO.

When it's done, the hall, which is part of the Doctor Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, will be one of central Florida’s best spots for jazz, ballet, orchestra, and more. There’s seating for 1,700 people. Project managers Brett Gelbert said he’s pleased with their progress.

“This time last year we were thirty feet plus down in the ground working on the foundation system. So everything you see behind us has happened in the last twelve months,’ Gelbert said.

Engineers said there's as much magic going on behind the scenes as there'll be onstage. A lot of it had to do with black rubber blocks wedged around the building. They’re designed to muffle the sounds from outside, helping make it one of the most acoustically-perfect theaters in the world.

“The acoustic nature is designed to keep all that outside noise out, and all inside noise in,” Gelbert said.

Gelbert said people will start seeing a lot more improvements, soon. “A lot of steel. The steel is just showing up. All the roof trusses and the front-of-house structure showing up. A lot of work to be done.”

Steinmetz Hall is slated to open in the Spring of 2020.