New owner of Seminole Towne Center says mall makeover in the works: 'I will make this place run again'

The Seminole Towne Center has new ownership with plans to revamp the mall.

Shoppers presently see empty stores, a broken escalator, and a few crowds inside the Sanford-area mall. However, a new owner is hoping to give it a makeover. Felix Reznick of 4D Properties is now the controlling owner of the facility.

"I will make this place run again," said Reznick. "It will take some time."

4D Properties owns 13 malls across the country. First, Reznick would focus on fixing the AC and escalators. Then, he will work on filling the empty space. He says he is open to suggestions but that they are looking at many options, such as housing, restaurants, and entertainment, such as a golf simulator.

"Pickleball, movie theaters, we're exploring everything," said Reznick. "We are talking to grocers, we are talking to electronics stores, and we are talking to multifamily developers."

The owner of KimTastic, a store inside the mall, feels hopeful.


"It would be significant to get people back in here. Sanford needs this mall; they do," said Kim Nieves.

A few months ago, Florida Power and Light cut off electricity to the Seminole Towne Center, saying the mall was behind on its bill.

Jamie Grover, with the Special Needs Advocacy Program, has an office inside the mall. He believes things are going in the right direction and plans to open a candy and toy store there.

"We would not do that investment if I didn’t have 100 percent confidence in the new owner and his vision for this mall," said Grover. "From what it was to what it is now, in just a few weeks, I've seen such huge progress. I have to have faith."

Reznick was an investing partner before taking ownership of the mall but told FOX 35 he previously didn’t have a say in management or daily operations.

"I'm buying it to save the community and to save my investors because it's become something that is really, not something that I'm proud of," said Reznick. "It was under somebody else's watch, and what we do is we make things better."