New Jersey landlord praised for waiving 3 months of rent: 'He exemplifies the spirit we need to see'

A New Jersey landlord is getting some serious praise from both his tenants and his state after he chose to waive rent for 3 months during the coronavirus outbreak.

David Placek decided to waive rent for April, May and June as the global pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the health and the economic security of many Americans.

The landlord, who owns 12 rental units in Montclair, will be forgoing more than $50,000 in rent for the three months, ABC7 reported.

"By and large we've gotten a good reception from our tenants, they're happy that we were able to do this early on and really able to show them some compassion and feelings for what they might be going through," said Placek to the outlet.

His tenants haven’t been the only ones recognizing Placek for his generous offer. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy recently paid tribute to Placek on Twitter.

Murphy praised the man as “exemplif[ying] the spirit we need to see right now.”

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