New I-4 overpass opens in Downtown Orlando

An I-4 overpass is opening near Colonial Drive. 

The new on-ramp is opening after months of delay and just in time for Monday morning rush hour. 

Drivers will notice a big change at Garland and Amelia Street. You must now be in the right lane of Garland Avenue before you get to Amelia Street if you want to get on I-4 eastbound.

Officials say the old on-ramp that was on the left side of Garland Avenue is now closed. The new ramp will take you over Colonial Drive and Lake Ivanhoe. It will feed you into I-4 just beyond Princeton Street.

Drivers are taking the change in stride. One told Fox 35 that "change is always going to be hard for people. Some people just have difficulty with change whether it's going to be for the better or for the worse." 

The new overpass is opening even though there are cracks in one of the columns supporting the bridge. The Florida Department of Transportation says that they are monitoring the problem and the column is safe to support traffic, but could cause maintenance issues over time.

This ramp was supposed to last year, but engineers found cracks in one of the support columns. That led to massive traffic backups while workers fixed it. 

If you miss the on-ramp on Garland Avenue, do not try to rush and get over. You can still get on I-4 just beyond Colonial Drive.