New fraud database helps catch 2020 voters who cast multiple ballots

Officials say they have a new tool to fight fraud from the 2020 election, and they’re cracking down to send a message.

News has spread fast in The Villages after three residents were locked up and charged with voter fraud. 

Sumter County arrest records show two of the suspects are accused of voting in Florida in person and New York by absentee ballot. 

"Every tool that we’ve been given, we’ve been using to its utmost," said President of the Florida Supervisors of Elections Association Wesley Wilcox. 

He says before the 2020 election, Florida joined the Electronic Registration Information Center.

He says through that system, Florida can compare voting records with about 30 other states. 

A match could indicate double voting.

"It’s absolutely imperative that we do this," Wilcox said, adding that the process can take a lot of time because they needed voting records from out of state. "A year out, we’re doing it and we’re cracking down." 

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis says he wants to create a new unit to investigate voter fraud.  

"We're going to have investigators and law enforcement… If you see somebody doing something, whether its Villages or whether it's some other places, you can call this unit, call investigators. This is all they’re gonna do." 

Records show that two of the suspects from The Villages are registered Republicans, while the other is not affiliated with a party. 

We tried reaching out to all of the suspects and didn’t hear back. 

The Lake County Supervisor of Elections tells FOX 35 that six cases of voter fraud have been sent to the state attorney’s office for review. 

Marion County is also investigating a handful of cases.