New congresswoman from Gainesville reacts to rioters at U.S. Capitol

Congresswoman Kat Cammack, from Gainesville, Florida, was sworn into Congress over the weekend, and just four days into the job, she found herself on the House Chamber floor watching rioters trying to break through the doors.

"We were notified that we needed to pull out our evacuation hoods and be prepared for tear gas to be sent into the chamber," just in case rioters made it onto the House floor.

That was how part of Congresswoman Cammack’s afternoon went Wednesday.

"We were seeing rioters on the other side, pounding and kicking and throwing furniture and heavy objects against trying to break into the chamber."

She saw several congressmen from Texas help Capitol Police to further barricade the door for protection.

"As he bent down, that’s when we heard what sounded like gun shots being fired from outside of the Chamber doors into the Chamber."

It was a nightmare for the congresswoman who was just sworn in days ago. She stepped in to help a longtime staffer.

"I was trying to be helpful and really just helping guide some of my older colleagues to the exit. She was holding onto me for dear life and I think we held onto each other for about ten minutes as we navigated stair and tunnels, and I told her at one point, ‘if I have to put you on my back and carry you I will.’"

Congresswoman Cammack made it out of the House Chamber safely and spent much of the evening in a secure location until the Capitol was cleared. She is now condemning the violence at the Capitol.

"I am equal parts heartbroken for our Constitutional Republic and irate. This is not what our country is about and if you claim to be pro-military or pro-police but you support the violence that has taken place today, then you’re hypocrite."