Neighbors bring food, medicine to Florida residents stranded in flooded areas

People who are living in flooded areas are getting help from their neighbors who are using boats and kayaks to deliver medicine and food.

Homes in the Stone Island neighborhood in Volusia County, near Lake Monroe, are completely flooded. Some homes have two feet of water in them and others that are more elevated are still dry, but their houses are surrounded by water. In some areas, you can only access homes by boat.

"It’s a challenge," said John Angel. "A boat is a necessity now."

Angel and Robbie Dollard have been helping people who are in their homes but cannot drive out to get medications, food, or other necessities.

"If I wasn’t doing it, who would be?" said Dollard. "There’s no one else out here to do it for them."


The two are also providing security to stop anyone from looting homes.  

"Robbie is a saint," said Jane Rourke "He checks on me a few times a day and brings me care packages."

One family that had been kayaking out of the area to get to work and school has officially decided it's time to look for a rental home because the sewer system in the area isn't working, and they have nowhere to go to the bathroom.

"I have electricity, and we have a way to go shopping, but we have to be able to go to the bathroom. That's where we draw the line," said Brian Lachow. "Some neighbors got camping toilets and things like that but with all of those things your patience is literally a high watermark."