Navy mom returns home and surprises her daughter

Although she is returning from her second deployment, this Navy reservist and mom is going on her most heart-pounding mission yet.

Nicole Leroux had been deployed in East Africa for the past ten months. She plans to surprise her seven-year-old now that she is back home.

"She thinks that I'm coming home next week, I told her that I would be home Tuesday or Wednesday," says Leroux.

Her seven-year-old daughter was eating lunch at a restaurant when she got the big surprise.

"Mommy!" she screamed at the sight of her mom. They were finally back together.

And even though they were separated by so much space in the last ten months, Leroux was always by her daughter's side, as she carried a doll of her mother.

This is definitely a family reunion no one will forget.

Video Courtesy: WSVN