'MyPark' app brings reserved parking to Orlando's biggest malls

MyPark is a mobile application-based system that allows users to nab and reserve prime parking spots at malls, like the Vineland Premium Outlets.  Several front-row spots in each section of the parking lot are now marked off with small electronic gates fixed in the center of the spot.

MyPark users can access the gates through a free app and can rent the spot causing the gate to lower and allowing the user to take the spot. Spots run $3 for the first 2 hours and an additional $3 per hour is charged to the app for as long as the vehicle remains parked. When the vehicle moves, sensors on the mechanism raise the gate again and end the parking session.

Users can also reserve spots up to 6 months in advance.

"You have complete control. You drive in when you want, you drive out when you want,” said MyPark Co-Founder Luis Mayendia.

Mayendia came up with the idea for the system with co-founder Ricardo Blanco while the duo lived in Puerto Rico. They launched the system there and have since relocated to Miami where MyPark has spread to several states and is even set to debut in Dubai.

Mayendia said they’d like to eventually bring it to more Central Florida attractions as well. He said the system tends to especially draw local users who otherwise avoid the tourist heavy areas due to difficulty finding parking for the sometimes short periods of time they are there.

Currently, MyPark is available at the Vineland Premium Outlets, the Orlando International Outlets, and the Florida Mall. The app is available for free on the App Store and Android.