Murder victim remembered on anniversary of death

It has been one year since deputies say 18-year-old Robert Payne Jr. was found deceased along Orange Blossom Trail, from a fatal gunshot wound to the head shot in the head.

"Today is a day commemorating the death of my son," said father Robert Payne Sr., who is still in pain over his son's loss. "We're here just to let him know we love him and are still seeking justice for him."

The accused killer, Teandra Adams, goes to trial next month. According to an arrest report, Adams and Payne Jr. attended the same school.  Investigators said it's possible that he was murdered with his own gun.

"I don't want him to be able to hurt anyone else's child again," said Payne Sr.  "It's just another senseless death. and I pray all the parents Orange County and worldwide that we love our children."

Records show that Adams was released from prison two months before the murder.

Robert Sr. uses Christian rap music to promote peace. It's especially difficult spending the holidays without his son, he said.

"I miss his smiles and jokes, and he was an amazing character."

Adams trial is scheduled on December 9.