Mount Dora rejects large, mixed-use development

Mount Dora city council members voted against a proposed development on Tuesday night that would have included a high-rise building off State Road 46. The decision came after hours of heated comments from residents who are against the project.

But it may not be a dead deal yet: Developers can still come back with a new plan for consideration.

The council voted 5 - 2 against moving forward after hours of presentations from the developers and public comment. The 850 acre mixed-use development would have gone off State Road 46 and 453 and included a hotel, office space, and residential space. 

During Tuesday night's meeting, some commissioners and community members said they have concerns about the environmental impact, but mostly the height of the building.  Developers said they reduced the maximum height from over 300 feet to 250 feet -- which they said is about 14 stories. 

They expressed frustration because they say this was built in line with the goal of the city and it's Wolf Branch Innovation District.

No date has been set on when there could be further discussion on the topic.