Mother warns parents about hot car dangers

An Orlando mother is warning parents to be careful about leaving their children in the car. 

"It’s so hot right now, it’s not safe to leave a child in a vehicle." With the sweltering heat, Makia Wallace warns parents to be careful. 

This is after a baby in Jacksonville died, after taking her 4-year-old daughter inside a clinic,  it was around 100 degrees outside, "A baby was left in the backseat of the car, was supposed to be in daycare that day," said Wallace. 

Three years ago, Wallace's baby boy Jace died, after investigators say, the person hired to take him to daycare, left him in a hot car and went to work. 

Wallaces has advice to all working parents, "Just put something in the backseat that you need for work or for the day. Sometimes it could be your wallet, your purse."

She created a non-profit organization called Love Like Jace, so other parents can be educated about keeping their kids safe. 

She misses her baby boy every day. "I’m reminded that he’s safe now and God has allowed me to see these little ones and advocate for them now." Fun in the Sun will take place this Saturday at Lake Eola Park, from 9-2 p.m.