Mother of Deltona shooting victim speaks

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In dramatic video from a Volusia County deputy’s body camera responding to a domestic violence call, you hear  gunshots. A deputy then sees Victoria Rosado (who's family members call Tori ) lying in blood yelling for help in her driveway.

The deputy drags Tori to Debbie King’s home next door. She’s not only the next door neighbor, she’s Tori’s mother. Tori was shot in the leg.

The deputy then sees the kids running out the back and helps them to safety.   King is thankful she happened to be home at the time.  She said everything happened so fast.

She told Fox 35 News, "Police got here really really fast.  I was worried about the kids, the police got here then the kids came running down here." 

But what she didn’t know is that her 7-year-old granddaughter had possibly just saved herself and her younger siblings by rushing them out of a room that would soon be filled with bullet holes.  She said, "She pulled the 4 year old and the one/2 year old into the closet. " 

Deputies say this all started with an argument between Tori and her husband Emmanuel Rosado.

Rosado was arrested on three counts of attempted first degree murder. He cried in front of a judge Monday. But this grandmother says she feels no sympathy for him. She’s worried about her daughter’s recovery.

She said, "It’s been a nightmare. I don’t know how long she will be in the hospital because of the nerve damage and her pelvic cracked or fractured. I’m not sure and she can’t feel her foot. They have her in special shoes and a walker with physical therapy trying to help her."