More time on video chats sparks boom in plastic surgery

Whether it's meetings, appointments, or catching up with family, a lot of us are spending a good amount of time on video chats where we can see ourselves. 

That has sparked some to change their look. 

"Everything is accentuated on the camera," Said Elena Alvarez. 

With client meetings and even court moving to Zoom during the pandemic, the Melbourne attorney zeroed in on her neck during video chats. 

"I would see the way that I looked and I was like – I don’t like that," Alvarez explained. 

She opted for plastic surgery in January.  

For Sandy Dunn, it was all about the timing. Working from home and recovery at home. 

"I had the lip lift done and what was great is were all wearing masks. Wherever I would go, I would put my mask on and no one knew anything," Dunn said. 

Both women went to Clevens Face and Body Specialists in Brevard County. 

"When COVID hit – we were deeply worried. I had many sleepless nights," said plastic surgeon Dr. Ross Clevens.  

But he says he’s busier than ever. He just moved the practice into a new, bigger office to keep up. 

"Every every single procedure is booming and busy post-pandemic or during the pandemic. We’re seeing patients for botox, fillers, were seeing facelift surgery, were seeing rhinoplasty surgery." Clevens said. 

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons says a survey showed 11 percent of women are more interested in plastic surgery now than pre-pandemic. 

With work – now moved mostly to online – Alvarez feels she made the right change. 

"I honestly believe that if it’s something that makes you feel better, it’s going to make you work better," she said. 

Another piece of all this – is the financial one. Alvarez says cutting back on travel and shopping made it easier to pay for the procedure. 

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