More people may be planning on getting COVID-19 vaccine

Ask around and you’ll get some mixed reactions when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine.

In September, we told you about a USA Today/Suffolk poll that showed only a third of voters would get the vaccine as soon as it’s available.

Two months later, a Gallop poll is showing about 60 percent of Americans would get it.

Gallup says its data was collected before Pfizer and Moderna announced their vaccines look to be about 95 percent effective.

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Associate Scientist Rupali Limaye says those numbers may entice even more people to get the vaccine.  

“I think that they will continue to climb because first of all - efficacy is so high. I think the numbers that are coming out of both those candidates I think are beyond what anyone expected,” Limaye told FOX 35.

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Limaye other factors may be driving people toward the vaccine as well.  She says more people know someone who’s been severely affected or died from the virus and there’s a strong desire to get back to pre-pandemic life.  

She says if everyone gets the vaccine – COVID could be wiped out.  

“If there aren’t enough susceptible hosts - it dies out,” she explained.

While the vaccines are likely to become available this year, the general public will not have access until more vulnerable populations can receive them.


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