More car break-ins at Gemini Springs Park

Wintzer Jones fishes at Gemini Springs Park several times a week. Two days ago, he ran across a car break-in, during which time a woman's checkbook was stolen.

"A window was broken out," he explained. "I thought she just left her keys in the car, but I guess someone broke into it. That's crazy!"

Volusia County sheriff's deputies are looking at that case and 16 more that have occurred in the past 12 months at Gemini Springs Park in DeBary.  Detective Mike Cox believes they're all connected to an organized crime group called the Felony Lane Gang.

"They will take I-4 corridor or whatever interstate they are by, and hit parks as they go northbound or southbound."

Authorities are warning people to keep their vehicles locked and to activate any anti-theft alarms to deter any thefts.