Mooresville family says their special needs child was kicked out of a movie theater

The McGees have twin girls, Delaney and Adison. They're 4 and a half years old.

"We learned early on that Adison was a little different. She has a rare genetic disorder called CASK deletion," said Colin McGee, the girls’ father.

Eating out or going to the movies as a family takes more preparation.

"It's a little bit different for us to have a normal Saturday or a normal day with the kids. With special needs children, there's a little more planning involved, so we decided to try the movies and see ‘The Good Dinosaur,'" said Colin.

The family went to the AmStar Cinema 14 in Mooresville, NC and got about a third of the way through the film.

"She was talking during the movie and talking loud. She was getting excited so she was yelling a little bit," said Adison’s mom Dayna McGee.

"Someone complained to the cinema manager and we were asked to leave. I talked to the manager on the way out and told them it's not fair to our child and not fair to us as parents. We're looking for a bit of normality that everyone else can have. It's not right," said Colin.

The family says someone from Southern Theaters – the company that owns AmStar Cinema 14 - did call them, apologized, and offered them a private showing. But the family says being asked to leave the theater is just one example of a bigger problem the community needs to address.

"This is less about us and more about what happens to the next family who has a similar situation," said Colin.

The McGees say they're going to advocate for public places to be more accommodating for all individuals with cognitive disabilities.

"We've come up with a number of examples. Theaters could have a quiet room like you see in some churches. It could have private showings,” said Colin.

We reached out to Southern Theaters and AmStar Cinema 14. We asked if they plan to make any future accommodations for families with special needs children. At this point, we have not heard back.