Momma dog, 7 pups rescued from home in Orlando

A dog and her seven puppies were rescued from a home in Orlando and are now being cared for at a shelter.

The momma boxer mix and her pups are safe and sound at Ziggy's Legacy Rescue in Hernando County, but that wasn't the case just a few days ago. 

A concerned resident reached out to Orange County Animal Services after noticing an underweight dog in someone's yard, according to the agency.

The mother was "emaciated" but her seven newborn pups appeared health.  All were estimated to be roughly three weeks old.  A police officer with the Orlando Police Department also assisted with the rescue.  The homeowner denied owning the dogs and no one came forward to claim them.

Rescuers said the boxer was so thin, a small collar slipped right off her neck. 

"She’s such a great mom. She’s always looking for her puppies and always taking care of them," said Orange County Animal Services spokesperson Hannah Griffith.

"Unfortunately, we have seen a lot of dogs in her condition. It’s not an uncommon thing. Especially while feeding puppies," Griffith said. 

The pups are still nursing, but now they will get to do it from their much healthier mom. 

Along with getting to eat regularly, they're also getting dewormed.


The puppies should be ready to adopt in a few weeks. 

Rescuers hope people will give this mama and her pups a chance. 

"A lot of times they come to us scared, and then they come out of their shell, and it’s the best thing to watch," Griffith said. 

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