Moment deaf baby hears mom's voice after hearing aids switched on

Her father said she breaks out in smiles and giggles each morning when they turn her hearing aids on.

A 4-month-old baby girl who was born deaf lights up with joy every morning when her parents switch her hearing aids on, often breaking out in happy squeals.

“It’s like she’s having the lights switched on and she can hear her mum’s voice,” Paul, the father of Georgina Addison, told SWNS. “She is instantly delighted and becomes much happier straight away. Her face lights up and she looks delighted.”

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Paul, of Harrogate, England, told SWNS that his daughter was fitted with the hearing aids when she was just a few weeks old. Paul said he and his wife, Louise, discovered their daughter was deaf shortly after her birth, and that while it was “difficult,” they chose to focus on the positive. 

Georgina was born deaf and fitted with hearing aids just a few weeks after her birth.

Part of that positive is that each morning, Paul said Georgina reacts to hearing her parents like it’s a completely new experience.

“It fills my heart with joy, and you just can’t put a price on things like this,” he told SWNS.

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