Mom Using Meth Charged in Connection with Infant's Death

A Coweta County mother was charged with child cruelty after her infant died and her toddler was found to have meth in her system.

The night deputies were called to a home on Smoky Road where Staci Lashomb and her two daughters were staying, she told FOX 5 she wanted answers in the death of her two-month-old child.  But with the conclusion of a autopsy report, investigators have found some answers and filed charges against her.

Investigators said tests showed Lashomb had been using meth.  Although, no meth was found in her infant, they said meth was found in the system of her two-year-old-daughter.

Investigators have charged Staci Lashomb with 2 counts of child cruelty and once charge of possession of narcotics.  She is not charged in the death of her infant daughter.

Staci Lashomb’s toddler is now in the care of a family member.