Mom says kids approached by strangers at bus stop

Deputies in Orange County are investigating after a 12-year-old Timber Springs Middle School student says she was approached by a strange woman in a white Kia at her bus stop.

It happened on Old Cheney Highway and Bindhu Street, Thursday morning. The family asked not to show their faces.

"The lady pulled up and rolled down the window saying, 'Hey you little girl, come in my car, I'll take you to school for free' and she says she's with Uber. I got scared so I started screaming," the student explains.

When the girl's big brother ran to help, she says the woman took off.

"I was scared, because I love being around people that I know. So it kinda got me sad because I thought I was gonna lose my Mom and I would never see her again."

To make matters worse, her 15-year-old sister says a week ago, she was approached by a man in a dark grey pickup truck in the same location.

"I was walking towards my house and he was driving really slow behind me. I was super scared, I thought he was going to take me, so I quickly sped up walking and went to my house."

Their mother says she called deputies and they searched the area, but didn't find anything.

"It purely makes me sick to my stomach to know there's sicko's out there like this that are looking for little kids."

Investigators say a man tried luring a 12-year-old girl off Perdido Drive less than a mile away on Saturday. They don't think he's connected with this case.  Still, the family wants to warn others to be on alert.

"To let all the parents know to watch their kids so they don't go missing."

Anyone with information on the cases should call Crimelime at 800-423-TIPS (8477).