MISSING: Laurel Rogers' family begging for answers about disappearance

A 28-year-old woman walks out of her Port Orange home. Her family never could have known it would be the last time they saw her. 

"I was kind of shocked when they didn’t find her immediately," said Laurel’s mom, Lauretta Rogers. 

Twelve years later, Lauretta refuses to lose hope. 

Laurel’s photos decorate her walls, even her room has been kept the same, but the pain of not know knowing what happened her daughter hasn’t faded. 

"We weren’t only mom and daughter… we were best friends too," Lauretta said. 

Laurel went missing on February 1, 2010. Her family says she planned to go out for a bit that night. 

The family says someone came to the house to pick Laurel up, but they don’t know who that person is. Her brother was home at the time.  

"She ended up getting ready to leave. I said bye to her. She said bye. Only had her purse with her. Definitely intentions on coming right back," explained Laurel’s brother, John Peterson. 

The family says they believe Laurel met a friend near the Cabbage Patch next, a biker bar in Daytona Beach. 

"That was where her last cell phone ping came from," said Laurel’s sister, Leah Davis. 

What happened to her after that is still unknown. 

Laurel’s mom says she suffered from lupus and took her medicine religiously, but she left all of it at home.  

Her family also says her chronic pain led to an addiction to pills, and they believe drugs may have to do with her disappearance. 

"Someone knows where she’s at," Lauretta said. 

Port Orange police say they are investigating multiple leads, and they hope to use new technology that wasn’t available when Laurel first went missing.  

Laurel’s family is pleading with the people who may have answers and offering them big bucks to talk. 

"It only takes one person to talk to somebody – there’s a reward out. If it’s for the money we don’t care, we just want Laurel," Lauretta said. 

The reward in this case is up to $30,000. Anyone with information is asked to contact Port Orange Police. 

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