Millions in Florida hit the road ahead of Thanksgiving

Florida Highway Patrol and the Department of Transportation said Florida roads are some of the busiest during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Troopers will be out in force to keep the roads safe! Let's look at some numbers from last Thanksgiving.

In 2021, during the five-day Thanksgiving travel period from Wednesday to Sunday, there were almost 4,600 crashes on Florida's roads. Most of those crashes happened today, the day before Thanksgiving. Tracy Fahy and her family drove down from the Jacksonville area earlier today. They say they are headed down to visit their son at Florida Tech in Melbourne.

"It was really bad back by I-4 and 95 I think there was an accident, but it is just really backed up onto I-4 but after that, we have been going 85 pretty much the whole way so … It stops, it comes and goes and someone hits their breaks and all it just backs up and go again but just take your time driving," said Fahy.

Gregory Bird and his family were also at the rest stop. They made their way from Savannah Georgia on their way to Miami; an eight-hour drive.

"I have seen a bad accident coming here. It was backed up by lots of crazy drivers. I had to maneuver my way around them, you know. A lot of state troopers out there too. They ain't playing," said Bird.