Realtors: Million-dollar homes selling quickly in Central Florida

Realtors say high-end homes are selling very fast across Central Florida because of the pandemic.

"It’s been great, it’s been phenomenal watching all this happen," says real estate broker Rob Rahter, of Stockworth Realty Group.

Rahter adds that he has been busier than ever, selling pricier homes.

"We’re seeing buyers in the $3 million dollar range, we’re seeing million-dollar buyers, everything! People are coming here in droves."

He says the pandemic is causing people from different states to move to Florida.

"We’re seeing California, we’re seeing obviously the Midwest, we’re seeing New York, New Jersey, Connecticut -- all those metro areas people have been shut down," he says. "They’re coming down here."

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Realtors also say that since there’s no income tax in Florida, that's a big plus for buyers.

"They’re not just coming down here for the weather; they’re coming down here for economic reasons as well."  

But what about if you’re local and plan to sell and buy a home here?

"You’ll sell it quickly. You’re probably going to have a harder time trying to find the right home to step up to," Rahter explains.

He says we’re not in a bubble, it’s about supply and demand. And the demand for a dream house in Florida is huge, with 40% less inventory compared to this time last year before the pandemic.

"I joke that my biggest referral partners are the New York Gov. Cuomo and California Gov. Newsom because what they’ve done for our business, we are so grateful for what they’ve done."

And if you’re looking to live in a certain neighborhood, Rahter recommends finding a realtor that has a pulse on the area and you can do that by finding out who’s selling the most homes there. 

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