Men impersonating officers storm Orlando beauty salon

Women at the Super Star Salon on Lancaster Avenue, near Orange Blossom Trail, got the shock of their lives Sunday afternoon, when a pair of men posing as police officers charged in looking for cash.

Yesenia Sanchez's mother was getting her hair done at the salon. Yesenia didn't think she'd ever see her mother alive, again.

“I just thought the worst,” Yesenia said, when she heard the news about the hold-up.

She says her mom was the only customer in the salon when the gunmen barged in, impersonating police.

“Two men walked in,” Yesenia says her mother told her, “they had a vest that said 'Police' on the back.”

Yesenia says her mom was their first target.

“They went toward her, started pointing the shotgun toward her,” she says, “told her to get on the floor, to give them the money. She gave her wallet, but they didn't take anything.”

Instead, though, she says they went for the cash register, while her mother and the workers there were frozen in terror.

“They just stood right next to her, pointing the gun at her. There was nothing she could do.”

Yesenia's mother and the salon staff survived the scary ordeal.

“She's fine," Yesenia said. "They really didn't harm her. She's just traumatized at seeing the men above her, pointing the gun at her.”

She says she's just happy her mother is safe.

“I'm very relieved. I can actually breathe now, but it was pretty scary.”

The Orange County Sheriff's Office is investigating the robbery.

Yesenia says it was her mother's first time visiting this salon.