Melbourne residents clean-up after tornado rips through neighborhood

The National Weather Service said an EF-0 tornado damaged homes up and down a Melbourne street. The NWS said the tornado had a maximum speed of 75-mph. Residents all used the same words to describe how it sounded: "Just pouring down rain, thunder, sounded like a train coming through," said resident Aubrey Jones.

"It sounded like a train coming through," agreed resident Samantha Picard.

The Red Cross was driving up and down the streets in the area. Rosi Smith, a Red Cross Disaster Specialist, said they’d helped about sixteen families in this neighborhood. "About six have major damage, where they've lost their roof, had water come into the house, and other debris, so they can't stay in their homes."

Residents were out Friday afternoon, cleaning up the debris and waste the storm left in its wake. "I know there's a lot of help and work that needs to be done in a lot of the homes around here," said resident Richard Speaks.

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The bad situation also brought out the best in some folks. Landscaper Bradley Harris volunteered to help some of the homeowners in need. "I seen these residents cutting this tree down with hand saws, so I thought it's a perfect chance to use my brand new chain saw. They let me cut this tree down right here for free."

Melbourne Mayor Paul Alfrey was proud of the local response to the damage, especially the emergency crews and utility workers. "It was a very good job by all the entities involved getting the response there, and fortunately, nobody was injured or killed."

The Red Cross continues helping people in the area. They said anyone who needed help and hadn’t met with them yet, should reach out at 800-RED-CROSS.