Melbourne police shoot at car driving towards them

The Melbourne Police Departments says an officer opened fire at a car that was allegedly trying to run him down early Sunday morning. 

Officials say Officer Timothy Sonnenberg and Officer Urian D'errico spotted a black 4 door Chevy Impala heading east on University Boulevard at a high rate of speed around 12:09 a.m. 

Investigators say the officers in a marked police car attempted to catch up with the car when it turned into the Shull Manor Apartments, parked and turned his lights off. 

Authorities say as the officers exited their vehicle to investigate the activity, the Impala quickly backed out a parking space, turned and accelerated directly at Officer Sonnenberg who had exited the driver's side and was walking towards the front of the police car. 

Officials say next to the police car were other parked cars with barely enough space for the Impala to drive between. Despite the police officer's verbal commands for the driver to stop, he did not and continued to drive at Officer Sonnenberg. 

Investigators say Officer Sonnenberg fired several rounds into the vehicle as it continued forward barely passing between him and the patrol car. Officer D'errico did not fire at the vehicle.  

Police say the Impala continued to attempt to flee the area, but was disabled when it hit a curb within the apartment complex damaging both driver side tires. 

Officials say the officers contacted the occupants and discovered the passenger had sustained gunshot wounds to his right arm and left shoulder/neck area. 

Police say the passenger was immediately given medical attention and transported to HRMC where he was admitted. His injuries were serious, but not life-threatening.