Melbourne gym reopens, defying governor’s orders

The owner of Harbor City Community Fitness and his team waited -- like we all did -- to hear from Governor Ron DeSantis about which businesses would be allowed to open in the first wave of Florida getting back to work.

Dani Hoddinott is the general manager and head coach at the Melbourn, Florida gym. She says they are not waiting for anyone’s permission. The members-only facilty is taking appointments.

"Basically, we have been classified with businesses like movie theaters and bowling alleys -- public activities -- but we are not a public activity," she explains.

A sheriff’s deputy stopped by and gave the gym a warning but no order to shut down and no one was arrested. Hoddinott says the work outs she leads for her clients aren't like the big commercial gyms.

"We’re fighting the good fight, because people need to understand we are essential to health and wellness 100 percent!"

The workout stations are more than six feet apart from each other and there’s no sharing. The gym has also put away its fans, and they’ve opened all of the garage doors. At each station, there is hand sanitizer and cleaning spray.

Hoddinott says if the Health Department or any state agency wants to inspect the place, Harbor City is not hiding in the shadows, but, they are not keeping the gym shuttered any longer.

"e’ve made sure that anybody who walks in is going to be 100% safe in what they’re doing," she adds.

The gym is going so far as to write to the governor, -asking to be put in the category of Public Health establishment.