Melbourne father arrested after admitting to slamming, striking, killing newborn son: Deputies

Mugshot: Edrick Lamar Davis | Credit: Brevard County Jail

A Melbourne father was arrested after he admitted to slamming and striking his baby, ultimately causing his death, detectives said. 

Edrick Lamar Davis was arrested for first-degree felony murder of a child and aggravated child abuse after he admitted to causing his baby's death.

On June 10 at 11 a.m., police arrived at a Melbourne home where they found a 6-week-old infant not breathing. The baby was taken to the hospital and later pronounced dead. In his first interview with police, Davis reported that he fed the baby, went to take a shower, and returned to find the infant unresponsive, arrest records show. 

An autopsy of the baby's body revealed internal injuries caused by blunt force trauma, multiple hemorrhages, fractures, and other signs of severe trauma, deputies said. The injuries were believed to be caused intentionally and in a forceful manner just before the infant's death. Older rib fractures were also discovered on the baby, indicating physical abuse. 

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When interviewed the next day by detectives, Davis admitted responsibility for the baby's death. He told detectives he "accidentally" stuck the baby's head on a door frame and later forcefully hit the back of the baby's head with his knee to prevent the baby from falling out of his arms. 

On June 19, the parents returned to the police department to drop off the baby's medical records, and a third interview with Davis revealed what really happened that day. 

Davis told detectives he forcefully struck the back of his baby's head with his knee at least two times. He said the baby's fussiness and crying caused him to become stressed and slam the infant downward onto his left knee. He admitted that his actions caused the baby's death.

Davis was arrested and booked into the Brevard County Jail on no bond.