Medical Examiner: Bullet to neck killed OPD Lt. Debra Clayton

On the second day of testimony in the State of Florida versus Markeith Loyd in the murder of Orlando Police Lt. Debra Clayton, the jury heard from a slew of law enforcement agents and Orange County Medical Examiner Dr. Joshua Stephany.  

Dr. Stephany. testified that Lt. Clayton was shot four times, calling the shot to the neck the one that killed the 42-year-old police officer.  He said if attended to in a timely manner, she could have survived the other three gunshot wounds.

OPD Det. Pete Cadiz, the lead investigator on this case, testified how investigators ultimately learned where Loyd was hiding out of shooting and killing Lt. Clayton in front of Walmart. 

"One of the OPD homicide detectives, Mike Fields, was at the wire taproom, called us and said, ‘We're hearing a voice. One of the people here who had dealings with Mr. Loyd thinks it is his voice and we honed in on that phone,’" Det. Cadiz testified.  

He said they tracked down that phone to Lescot Lane and the fugitive task force called for backup from several agencies.

Orange County Sheriff's Deputy Chuck Ashworth told the jury the front door opened and clothing was thrown outside, then the door opened again and a gun was thrown.  He testified that the front door opened another time and another object was tossed out. 

"Smaller, heavier.  With the way it landed, I thought it was a firearm," Deputy Ashworth said.  

He said the fifth time the door opened, "it was pretty low light, person raising their hands as they were coming out of the door," Deputy Ashworth recalled, adding it was Markeith Loyd.   

He said when he went to check if the house was clear, and he confirmed that the two heavy objects thrown out that front door were firearms. 

Deputy U.S. Marshall Cleveland Jenkins told the jury he searched Loyd once he was in question.  The prosecutor asked if any article on Loyd grabbed his attention.  

"Yes sir. The bulletproof vest he had on.  It was an unusual piece of clothing to be on a civilian," Agent Cleveland said. 

The crime scene investigator who collected Loyd’s weapons testified one of the guns was loaded and full of bullets.  He also testified Loyd had an extended clip in his possession and dozens of rounds of ammunition.

Testimony continues Thursday at 9:30 a.m. 

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